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This is the Main Page of the Renaissance Army Knowledge Base. This website includes background information for the Renaissance Army book series.

What is the Renaissance Army book series?

Information about the books and stories of the Renaissance Army series.

Renaissance Army of Minnesota

Flag of General Prince, Commander of the RAM.

The Renaissance Army of Minnesota is a rebellious group operating in the late 25th Century.

This page has information about the Renaissance Army of Minnesota, including ranks and insignia, awards and formations.

Kingdom of North Mississippi

The Flag of the Kingdom of North Mississippi

The Kingdom of North Mississippi controls what used to be known as Minnesota, Iowa and the city of Omaha.

This page has information about the Kingdom of North Mississippi, including ranks and insignia, military units and political establishments.


This is a list of terms and their meanings in the 25th Century.


City-states of Minnesota in the late 22nd Century

This section deals with the time between now, and the beginning of the Renaissance Army’s campaign in 2475.

The Imperial Commonwealth

The pennant of the Imperial Commonwealth, flown by every allied ship on the seas.

The most powerful nation in the world, the Imperial Commonwealth enforces a system of order on the rest of the world.

This page includes information on the Imperial Commonwealth, including their international system, military units, and history.

Atlantic America

A map of Atlantic America

Atlantic America has come to mean the eastern seaboard of North America, running from Greenland down into the Caribbean sea.

This page includes information on the history, culture and successor nations of Atlantic America.

The Library of the Renaissance

There is no Renaissance without books.

This page is a list of fictional and real books used in the Renaissance Army series.