RAM Awards

This page is a reference page for the award system of the Renaissance Army of Minnesota.


General Prince had an award system ready and in place when the RAM appeared in Walker County. The system was planned so that every member of the army could be recognized for their contributions. Some of the awards were met with disdain, such as awards for serving as in a staff position, but Prince was adamant that the policy be followed.

Although awards are tracked, rarely are they actively awarded, particularly outside of Walker County. Many don’t want anything that will stand out in combat. For others, they only have one set of duty clothes, and medals and ribbons would get in the way of their work.

All awards come with a ribbon to add to the ribbon field on the left breast. Most Achievement Medals and a few Out-of-Precedence awards have badges or medals that may be worn under certain circumstances.

Achievement Medals

Achievement Medals are those awarded for special actions and service to the Renaissance. Army. These medals must be nominated and approved by command and general officers. As of 2475, there are seven achievement awards, listed in descending order of precedence. Five of them come with physical medals.

1: General’s Star

The General’s Star is the highest award in the Renaissance Army, awarded for actions of the highest valor and honor. When an individual is nominated for a Colonel’s Cross, the general may elevate the award to a General’s Star.

The General’s Star. Above is the ribbon worn on the common uniform. Below is the medal that is hung around the recipient’s neck.

2: Colonel’s Cross

The Colonel’s Cross is the second combat award, given for valor in combat above and beyond expectations. Awards are nominated by a command-level officer and confirmed by a general officer.

The Colonel’s Cross is black and gold.

3: Renaissance Cross

The Renaissance Cross is awarded to those who find intelligent and innovative solutions to large problems. General Prince demanded the award to promote intelligent thinking. Awards are nominated by a command-level officer and confirmed by a general officer.

The Renaissance Cross is blue and gold.

4: Crimson Cross

The Crimson Coin, sometimes called the Bandage Badge, is an award given to any member of the RAM who has been wounded in battle. The award only requires co-signing of the unit commander and the medical officer.

The Crimson Cross is red and gold.

The Three Crosses: The Crimson Cross, the Renaissance Cross and the Colonel’s Cross.

5: Badge of Heroism

The Badge of Heroism is a catch-all award, to be awarded for acts that occur outside of combat.

6: The Ribbon of Merit

The Ribbon of Merit is awarded to individuals for exemplary service, usually alongside a service ribbon (see below).

7: Mentioned in Dispatches

The simplest of achievement awards and one to come without a medal, Mentioned in Dispatches simply means the commanding officer of a unit (or a general) has made note of the individual in official correspondence or reports. The individual is then allowed to wear a golden star on the corresponding campaign or county ribbon, indicating they were mentioned in dispatches during that campaign.

Service Ribbons

Service Ribbons are awarded for service in a role or position for a period of six to twelve months. So long as the individual had not incurred any serious discipline issues, award should be automatic.

Campaign Ribbons

Campaign Ribbons are awarded for participation in specific campaigns or battles. If the individual was mentioned in dispatches, the campaign ribbon has a gold star in the middle of it.

Out-of-Precedence Awards

Out-of-Precedence awards do not sit on the normal ribbon bar. They are placed elsewhere on the uniform, and represent special training or service of the individual.

Iron Republic Badge

The Iron Republic Badge is given to any member of the RAM who has proven they served in the military or government of the Iron Republic, prior to its fall almost twenty years ago. It is commonly worn on the right side of the uniform, over the breast pocket.

Combat Wreath

The Combat Wreath is awarded to any individual in the RAM who has seen combat under its banner. The combat wreath is a red circle with a golden wreath sewn into it as a background. The top of the badge is done in silver; the icon represents what roll the individual was fulfilling when they saw combat.

Combat Wreath with the crossed Axes of a Field Regiment
  • Artillery – Crossed Cannon Tubes
  • Cavalry- Crossed Sabers
  • Field – Crossed Axes
  • Infantry – Crossed Rifles
  • Medic – Silver medical cross
  • Pioneer – Hammer and Crossed Rifles