The Archive Collective

The Archive Collective is a network of communities that ranges across the world. Known for having access to long lost knowledge and technology, their existence is shrouded in rumors and mysteries.

An Archive can be as small as a single fortified castle to a decently sized city-state. Most of them are not self-sufficient, trading knowledge and skill for food and supplies. Medical care of nobility and government leaders, assistance with engineering projects, all are things an Archive would trade.

In addition, the Archives survive through their network. Archives use technology to generate electricity and maintain communications between each other, and have very dangerous defense systems in place. Should one be threatened, not only are they set to defend themselves, but other Archives will offer their support to the attacker’s enemies. The attacker usually finds themselves in a very serious war.

The number of Archives in the world is difficult to determine. Some may not have ever existed, and some may have been destroyed by one disaster or another.

A list of some Archives

Name Location Size (sq.mi.) Population (est).
Hilltop North Mississippi ~1 ~1,000
Hawkeye North Mississippi 30 8-10,000
Madison Michigan 400 35-40,000
Black Hills Dakota Plains ~200 15-20,000
Mt. Pearl Quebecois 30 8-12,000
Kingsport Ohio 45 20-25,000
Keesler Louisiana 30 10-15,000
Cape May Atlantic Dominion 100 25-30,000
Granada United Kingdom of Caribbean States 35 50-60,000