Commonwealth Margraves

A Margrave is a senior position within the Imperial Commonwealth, combining military, political and economic responsibilities in on office. The position is a level of nobility, not a military or diplomatic rank, and as such can be filled by either a military officer or a political operative, as needed.

The Margraves



The world divided into its margravedoms. The stars indicate the margravedoms themselves. The anchors are the three major naval bases that report to the Emperor himself.

The locations of the margravedoms are not selected at random. Each location has a sizable natural harbor for ships and naval facilities, and enough ground space for army and air force units. The territory they look over is either expansive, or home to a large population, and the forces assigned to each margravedom are chosen appropriately.

Auckland Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific
Bahrain Persian Gulf, Arabian Peninsula, western Indian Subcontinent
Buenos Aires Amazon basin, South America, Andes Mountains
Freetown Ivory Coast, Central Africa, western South Africa
Halifax Atlantic coast of North America, Hudson Bay
Hazar Caspian Sea, Central Asia
Houston Mississippi River Valley, Caribbean Islands, Central America
Jakarta Indonesia, New Guinea, Philippians
Kaohslung Southern China, Southeast Asia
Lisbon Western, North and Central Europe
Maputo East Africa, east South Africa, Madagascar
Nagasaki Japan, Korea, Siberia, north China
Odessa Black Sea, Anatolia, eastern and southeastern Europe, Caucauses (The Margravedom of the Great Emperor)
San Francisco Pacific coast of North America, Alaska
Tobruk Mediterranean Sea, North Africa, South and Southeastern Europe, Red Sea
Trincomalee Sri Lanka, eastern Indian


Military Roles

Every margravedom is home to a sizable garrison of military troops, storehouse and facilities. Any minor incidents that requires intervention can be handled by the forces on hand. If a major intervention is called for, the margravedom has enough supplies to begin the campaign, while more is shipped in from other sources.


A margravedom has at least one field army assigned to it, and several have two. These are forces readily available for service.

Most margravedoms have at least one reserve army, made up of troops who spend much of their time as farmers or industrial workers.

Margravedoms will also have numerous free regiments of various types for independent deployments.


The naval component of a margravedom is very small. Gunboats and sailing frigates for security and revenue patrols, a few steam cruisers and escorts for show of force, and transports for troops or supply movements. What most margravedoms provide is basing facilities. It is not uncommon to find larger naval vessels stopping in port and spending some time there.

Each margravedom is also home to a Naval Landing Force, either a division or corps, depending on the amount of shoreline they are expected to patrol.

Air Force

Each margravedom has a complete Air Front Headquarters, but most are limited to a single composite wing for defense and initial intervention. The basing facilities and supplies are built to handle upwards of five hundred aircraft, as needed for any campaign.


A margravedom is assigned several units of scouts, as dictated by the terrain within their area. How many and their operations are under tight security.

Civilian Roles

The margravedom is not just there to control the subordinate kingdoms through violence, but to improve their existence through the Commonwealth system.

Civilian ministers within each margravedom help coordinate trade across the globe, finding markets for resources and goods. Princes and princesses in need of marriage can find homes all across the globe. Universities and academies can find students from all over the world.