What is the Renaissance Army Series

The Renaissance Army Series is a book series that takes place in the late 25th Century. The world has gone through a Dark Age. Technology has failed. Society has regressed. And in the new world that rose from its ashes, a group calling itself the Renaissance Army has emerged, hoping to start a new Renaissance.

Main Book Series

The Main Book Series follows the story of Sasha Small and her life joining the Renaissance Army.

Book 1 – Renaissance Calling

Renaissance Calling (2017) (Buy on Amazon)

Technology failed.

The 25th Century is not the century of robots, space ships and flying cars. Skyscrapers have fallen, highways crumbled, and modern technology faded into myth. It is a century of darkness.

Sasha Small is unhappy.

A young woman in a poor farming town, she cannot educate herself and she cannot leave to find work. Her future holds only unwanted marriage.

So she fights. She fights the bullies, her father, and her hopeless future. Her family views fighting as a sin. She cannot defend herself without betraying their faith. She cannot back down without betraying herself.

‘It was a good fight.’

With those words, Sasha’s life changes. She learns of a group called the Renaissance Army. They fight as she does, and she joins them.

Sasha takes up their cause, but can she find her calling?


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