KNM Military Uniforms

The Military of North Mississippi was formed with a number of traditions brought up from the Mississippi Empire, augmented by the desires of King Xavier.

Uniform Colors

King Xavier had some very specific ideas for his new military. He was long frustrated with the odd collection of regiment specific uniforms that made up the Army of the Mississippi Empire, but also hated the unimaginatively colored uniforms of the Imperial Commonwealth. After some discussion, a middle ground was found.

The Military of North Mississippi has ten colored uniforms, dependent on which branch or command they reported to.

Branch/Command Formal Color Common Positions
Administration Red Administrators, Medical Personnel, Training Facilities
Air Corps White Pilots and Air Crew, Air Bases, Technicians
District Troops Dark Blue Garrison Troops, Border Troopers, Fortress Garrison
Field Army Brown All troops belonging to the Field Army
Inspectorate Grey Intelligence, Counter Intelligence, Signals, Prisons
King’s Army Dull Green All troops belonging to the King’s Army
Ministry Troops Khaki All troops belonging to government ministries
Navy Black All sailors, both at sea and at port
North Watch Deep Green All troops belonging to the North Watch
Quartermaster Light Blue Supply procurement and transport, fortress construction, maintenance


Gallery of Uniform Colors